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VPCG Careers
The Vantage Point Consulting Group seeks out the top individuals in each industry and market to become part of the VPCG team. A challenging and rewarding experience is available to those who possess the specialized talents that add value for our clients.
Please contact VPCG at recruitment@vpcg.com if you possess any combination of the following skills:
  • 5+ years of SAP implementation experience
  • 10+ years of ERP implementation experience
  • Specialized Public or Private sector ERP Knowledge
  • Proven Business Transformation and/or Change Management experience
  • Speicialized SAP Solution skills (Functional or Technical)
VPCG Preferred Consultant Network:
VPCG seeks out the best independant SAP experts in our target industries to become Preferred Consultants within the VPCG Network. Preferred consultants are authorized to communicate affiliation with the group and may take advantage of the group’s partnerships and memberships. VPCG informs the preferred consultants of business opportunities available to VPCG and together determine availability and staffing plans for customer engagements. In all cases, there is no obligation or agreement to perform services for VPCG unless a specific contract has been established between VPCG and the preferred consultant for each specific engagement.
Planned benefits available to preferred consultants of VPCG include:
  • Guaranteed Hourly Rates based on Net Billing Rates
  • Referral Bonuses for VPCG placements
  • ASUG membership
  • SAP Preferred Partner status
  • Prestige of VPCG affiliation
  • VPCG Email accounts / Website
  • VPCG Newsletter, Solution Updates & Knowledge Sharing Network
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